Level 165 Candy Crush

Level 165 Candy Crush

Pastel Pyramid’s 10th level is also Candy Crush’s 165th overall level, and it is a treat. That doesn’t mean it is an easy one. However, with the tips and strategies we have listed below, you shouldn’t have many problems getting past this board.

Tips/ Basic Strategy

Candy Crush Level 165

  • Objective: You have 60 moves to score 50,000 points, while also needing to collect 24 green, 49 yellow and 99 blue.


  • The 18th candy order level is a nice one. For most players, it probably seems like you have been playing forever. And for many, you probably have as the game is an intense and seemingly everlasting one. This board will have you slowly working your way through the chocolate located in the center of the level. You must keep a very close watch on the seven bombs, while also focusing on the blue pieces. This is because you will need most of them. If you happen to make color bombs along the way, make sure you knock out blue pieces, as this will help out immensely. Don’t forget that there are four chocolates in the corners that are working their way towards you.

The way the game drops the bombs is rather predictable, so make sure you watch for it. Avoid matching candy on the sides, especially on every 5th move you make. Remove the bombs as quickly as you see them (make sure they can be defused). Aside from the bombs, chocolate is always annoying. I’m sure you know this by now. If you see that there is a crucial piece that may be overtaken by chocolate, you have to ensure that the chocolate is taken out first before doing anything else. Vertical striped candy is the best for this, and it increases your chances of creating combo cascades.

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  • Stars: 3 stars: 120,000 points; 2 stars: 80,000 points and 1 star: 50,000 points

Advanced Guide

You are working with a medium-sized space on this level, and collecting 99 blue candies is going to be hard, especially when you are dealing with six colors. It would be to your benefit if you make special candies when you can (especially the wrapped version and color bombs). The more blue candy you can clear out, the better. Color bombs should be used in a couple of ways: match it with blue OR use it to clear the most dominate color on the board. This will allow you to create more room for blue or space for special candy. You have chocolate fountains to work with, so remember that life as you know it will be much harder. They will be intent on obstructing the flow of candy on the right and left of the board.